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OpenPGP and S/MIME mail client vulnerabilities

Overview Mail clients may leak plaintext messages while decrypting OpenPGP and S/MIME messages. Description Email clients supporting the OpenPGP or S/MIME standards may be vulnerable to a CBC/CFB gadget attack which may allow an attacker to inject content into an encrypted email which would establish an exfiltration channel when decrypted by the victim’s email client. […]

How to protect from wcrypt (Wanna Cry)?

  Windows Update MS17-010   The virus uses ETERNALBLUE exploit, which is closed by Microsoft security update MS17-010 released in March. I recommend that you check update center for presence of such an update (by code) on your computer (for example, code for Windows 7 will be KB4012212 or KB4012215). If updates are not installed, […]

Trend Micro offers Deep Security as a Service on AWS Marketplace

Now Trend micro announced its product Trend micro deep safety as a service on AWS market. this new security product of Trend micro enables all SMB and enterprise businesses to mix the advantages of safety SaaS with the flexibility of consolidated payments through their amazon AWS invoice. You will have option to obtain per-hour pricing […]

Windows 10/2012 server hardening Remote access: SAMRi10

Microsoft research team member Itai Grady and Tal  Be’ery have released another tool to help admins harden their environment against reconnaissance attacks: SAMRi10 (pronounced “Samaritan”). each the net end device they released in October and samri10 are simple powershell scripts and are geared toward stopping attackers which can be already internal a corporate community from […]