Hyntech Internship

Internship Program - An opportunity to grow while you learn.

Hyntech Internship program attracts talent from all academic institutions around the world. The program invites a mix of students from across disciplines like technology and management.
Hyntech internship program make you to feel the real work experience and gives you the satisfaction of achieving the great things. We give you freedom to start get into the field right away, ownership in running your own projects and exposing your skills to the world. We incubate your skills start from training to driving on your own track. No limits to your growth and it is recognized globally with the power of your working spirit.

Internship with Hyntech

Internship Eligiblity

Intern must be a academic student in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD program of a recognized university or college.
There is no restriction with respect to the area of specialization.
Internship should not affect or get conflict with the intern’s academic program.
Intern may have full/part time work-experience of less than two years between the UG, PG and/or Doctoral studies.
There is no restriction with respect to the medium (English, Hindi, regional language) that the student has been exposed to at the school level. However, she/he should be able to converse, read and write in English.
Intern is expected to have discussed with or to have informed his/her guardians and institution.
Intern must choose a project suitable to their skill set, capability and complete willingness.

Internship profile

Hyntech Internship is a training driven program and all our fellows are unique with a high range of diversity. Hyntech team are motivated with some common values such as inquisitiveness, innovation and above all a commitment to “Achieve the passion by fulfilling the objective of their job”. Our interest to see all our interns with the following characteristics

Advantages of Hyntech Internship

Boost your knowledge on your desired industry
Contribute to Hyntech portfolio of activities within the scope provided.
Recognized corporate experience with a highly respected global standard to add to your CV.
Exposure to Corporate culture and practices.
Network with professionals for the friendly mentor relationship.
Build communication skills with staff and associates from various nationalities and cultures
Gain direct experience from well-known senior professionals good conduct and personality development.
Opportunity to attend or assist technology events organized or endorsed by Hyntech