Hyntech Cloud security solutions have smart way to enable secure access for your enterprise provisioned on-premises applications, public and private clouds.

Hyntech Cloud Security Insight

Hyntech has built in and around a cloud based flexible networking architecture that provides end to end encrypted secure access from anywhere, anytime on any device.

We establish secure remote access delivered through cloud virtual private connection model to bring the safe and peace to you. Completely hardware free solution that requires less configuration at end points makes this an attractive solutions.

Data during access mishandled in various methods, virtually all of the major vulnerabilities are exploitable at the OS level for the unpatched systems and in unidentified vulnerability systems. Our security procedure at OS level protects and encrypt the data in use.When data in use most commonly like data in computer memory either corporate network or in public network which we protect through cryptography keys to encrypt the data while application in process.

During the data transport from business to customers, to business, business to vendors, equipment to equipment all the connections are established through the secure channel. Our security ready implementation deployed in both private and public tunnel for securing the data in motion.

Data ported from any location considered critical are protected through our media encryption which prevents the data leakage. We do not limit with any media type for encryption our encryption applies to ready cloud, local drives, SAN and Backup disks.

Data High Availablity

Data protection is not as simple to end up with only protecting human attacks, but with natural calamities, system fatal and other failures is also threat to the data this is really a big implementation part on premises data center but not at your cloud infrastructure. Cloud services has one of the best part is high availability provided in hardware level as well in data level provided choosing the options.

Security Gamut

Our cloud solutions has predefined security solutions which is part of  basic solution bringing peace to your mind. We also provide target oriented solution for application and services to create second level security which gives more convenient, secure and satisfaction on hosted data protection.

  • Meeting global compliance standard and regulations.
  • No hardware or software need to be procured.
  • Threats are easily identifiable and protect prior to attack   .
  • Instant Security solution and flexible to take decision quick .
  • Encryption deployed with complex algorithm based on necessity.

Come out from the fear of data security attack, Talk to us for solution