Having disaster recovery on cloud as an advantage of agility and making the setup up and bringing live happens like a magic which makes you to worry free from the downtime.

Disaster recovery on Cloud eliminates unused costs.

Disaster recovery on cloud gives you comfort that you are secured and safe from any of the disaster. You don’t have to think about investing on typical infrastructure for disaster recovery setup. Hyntech team helps you to design and choose the right choice according to your business requirement with this option you have multiple benefits and achieving more than you want without any budget constrains.

DRoC AWS Whitepaper


Accepting downtime in your business is not an option

Your application tools and data are fundamental to your business; accepting downtime is not at all an option so we have  ready designed solution to make your business up and running without any impact during the disaster, no matter your business do not have dedicated fund to allocate for disaster recovery plan, its now part of primary operation . To take fast decision see the key benefits of Disaster recovery on Cloud :

  • Neither CapEx required nor high OpEx involved.
  • Choose your DRoC mode whichever suits your business
  • Just by clicks your DR is invoked.
  • BCP drill become easy, cost effective and authentic.
  • Agility and quick scaling solutions.
  • Choose your location to host your DR.

Disaster Recovery based on your business

Real time Disaster recovery

Real time Disaster recovery option is a live syncing of identical infrastructure without any intervals and keeping the secondary server up and ready with zero downtime during primary failure. This is mainly for the highly critical business who feel a minute downtime cloud bring revenue and reputation loss.

Hot site Disaster recovery

Hot site Disaster recovery model Synchronization of  live configuration and production data to keep the system up and running at any point of primary failure.

Cold site Disaster recovery

Cold site Disaster recovery model is for the business who can accept the few minutes to up and run the secondary server. This is especially for the business application running for internal purpose or offline operation activities.

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