Hyntech Cloud Workspace solutions are designed with reliable products based on the customer requirement. We get the best deal from our partners to offer best solution to our customers to gain effective production and economic solution.

Benefits in cloud Workspace

Cloud Workspace is a managed desktop computing service in the cloud data center. Cloud Workspace allows you to easily provision cloud-based desktops and provide flexiblity to users access to the documents, applications, and resources they need from any supported device including Windows, linux and Mac computers, Chromebooks, iPads, Kindle Fire tablets, and Android tablets. A quick, reliable, mobile friendly and secure desktop solution to the business who seeks dynamic environment for their users especially who want to allow teleworking in their business for the non-stop productivity.

Cloud Workspace with Legacy

Cloud Workspace takes care of all the complicated heavy lifting of managing hardware and software, and tasks such as deployment, patching and maintenance, enabling you to deliver a high quality desktop experience to your users.

Cloud desktop (Cloud Workspace) environment eliminates the need for up-front investment and ongoing management of infrastructure, providing you with an easy, cost-effective way to bring a secure and broadly accessible desktop experience to customers.

Cloud Workspace suits in all the ways

Cloud Workspace can help customer to maintain compliance requirements and deliver a managed desktop to users they cannot control physical access to desktops. Teleworking is possible from off-site locations, such as home-based employees, Cloud Workspace allow users access to the applications users need by delivering a cloud desktop by not allowing to store the data locally, corporate data such as user data and trade secrets is secured.If any organisation have freelancer or seasonal workers they can provision cloud Workspace for them with all the applications they need, and then workspace can be suspended when there is no use of it. Training institution and Academic organizations cloud Workspace can easily be provisioned for students to access the resources they need for lab environment and be removed at the end of the course or semester. Cloud Workspace allows developers to install the tools they need to build or test applications as required for business, source code stored on developers local system or devices can be protected -safeguarding the intellectual property.

User friendly and Simple to manage/deploy

Data protection and security improved

Mobile friendly and hybrid system support

Directory service integration

Have choice to choose own hardware configuration and software

Pay as you go model/allows optimal usage

Facing challenges in your desktop environment ?