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OpenPGP and S/MIME mail client vulnerabilities

Overview Mail clients may leak plaintext messages while decrypting OpenPGP and S/MIME messages. Description Email clients supporting the OpenPGP or S/MIME standards may be vulnerable to a CBC/CFB gadget attack which may allow an attacker to inject content into an encrypted email which would establish an exfiltration channel when decrypted by the victim’s email client. […]

How to protect from wcrypt (Wanna Cry)?

  Windows Update MS17-010   The virus uses ETERNALBLUE exploit, which is closed by Microsoft security update MS17-010 released in March. I recommend that you check update center for presence of such an update (by code) on your computer (for example, code for Windows 7 will be KB4012212 or KB4012215). If updates are not installed, […]